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Friday, October 2, 2009

Zebra Bag

This bag is one of three bags I made out of the same fabric, but different styles. This one is reversible. It changes with your mood. It's not too big, or too small, it's just right.

Retro Zebra Bag

Size: 10x12x3
I really love the square handle. This bag is also reversible.

Jewelry Travel Bags

These bags are great for traveling. They have four zipper pockets, you can store your jewelry in. I hate it when everything gets tangled up.

Pencil Purse

This little purse is just the right size for your pencils, or other little things you don't want to get lost in your bigger purse.

Japanese Hand Bag

Size: 7x4

These little evening bags are so pretty. They remind me of a Japanese kimono. They are just right for a fancy evening out.

The Little Black Dress Purse

This sophisticated bag is just right for an evening out.

The Black Diamond Purse

Size: 9x7x2

I really love how this bag shines. It definitely has bling! Any girly girl would love it.

Alyssa and Jake's Wedding

This is my daughter's wedding. I wish there were better pictures but of couse we had better things to think about than taking pictures of the flowers. I found what I could...A pretty good picture of the bride and groom...along with their bouquet and boutonniere.

A close up of her bouquet.
The beautiful cake.

The cake top. An OK picture of the bouquet, boutonniere, mother's corsage, and grandmother's corsage. Table flowers (not the center pieces, we didnt' get pictures of those, sadly) and Alyssa's bouquet.

Chris and Erin's Wedding

Red Roses, Stephanotis, Red Calla Lillie's, Seeded Eucalyptus, Plamosa. Bride's Bouquet

Cake Top

Groom's Boutonniere

Father's Boutonniere

Laura's Wedding

For this wedding I only did the cake flowers. These are all silk.

Joe's Puppets

Here are just a few of Joe's puppets. They are all hand sculped and painted by him (faces, hands, and feet). And all the mechanic's are his original ideas. This one is a sholder puppet. His right hand waves at you, his eyes move back and forth and his mouth moves. He is the first in a series of fairies and trolls. Which makes him a troll.
This, of course, is Dracula, the vampire puppet. He is controlled by the rod at the bottom. His mouth opens, eyes move back and forth and his hands are controlled by rods.

The Wizard.
He is controlled by a stick inside that makes his mouth move up and down. His hands are controlled by rods. Below is a close-up of his hand painted/sculped face.

Artwork by Leslie

These are some of my art pieces displayed in my home. There are more that will be added later. I painted this picture when I was a senior in high school. It is an acrylic of a tree in Yosemite National Park.
This one is a watercolor I did the year after I graduated high school. I found an antique print in the attic of the house I was living in and I loved it so much i painted it and now I love to display it in my house.

This one is of a road runner. It is colored pencil and I did it in 1985, when I was still single and had time to do stuff like this!

This is one of a few paintings on rocks that I did in '94. The others got sold in a boutique in Evanston, Wyoming. Hopefully I can get a better picture (not so blurry) of this one later.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Texas Rose

Size: 6 1/2 x 11"
This is a cute little handbag, I made it in 2008. It was one of the first of this style I made. It has machine quilting on the inside. It's a good size for a night out.

Rizal Bag

This a bigger bag. A good size to carry books, ect. It has brass feet to resist wear and tear. The inside is machine quilted in a simalar pattern as the outside. I really enjoyed making it. I love to add extra details.

Jamaican Sunset

Size 8x9"
This drawstring bag is perfect for a date night. It's just the right size for your cell phone, wallet, and anything else you might need for the night. It reminds me of a bag I had as a little girl.