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Monday, September 7, 2009

Texas Rose

Size: 6 1/2 x 11"
This is a cute little handbag, I made it in 2008. It was one of the first of this style I made. It has machine quilting on the inside. It's a good size for a night out.

Rizal Bag

This a bigger bag. A good size to carry books, ect. It has brass feet to resist wear and tear. The inside is machine quilted in a simalar pattern as the outside. I really enjoyed making it. I love to add extra details.

Jamaican Sunset

Size 8x9"
This drawstring bag is perfect for a date night. It's just the right size for your cell phone, wallet, and anything else you might need for the night. It reminds me of a bag I had as a little girl.

Crazy Purple Patch Purse

Size: 7 1/2 x 9"

This is the first purse I made. It is crazy quilted, with hand embroidery stitching, and beading is also added. I love adding the hand stiching, however it takes a longer time to complete the bag.

Button Bag

Size: 13 x 12"
This is kind of a fun bag. It's big enough to put in a few books, or take on a day out shopping. I like it's artsy look. This bag is decorated with buttons on the outside. And is machine quilted on the inside.

Bermuda Bag

I think this is my favorite purse. It is made out of a silk fabric. I hand beaded the outside with puca shells. The palm tree is my own design. I machine embroidered, and then added beading. The handle is made from shell-beads as well. And on the inside, I machine embroidered a wave design. I took this purse when I attended a wedding reception, how was I to know that the theme was a beach party? The bride was so impressed.

Alyssa's Patch Purse

I made this purse especially for Alyssa, my daughter. She wanted it custom designed for her needs. She picked out the fabric, and decided how big she wanted it to be. There is a cell phone pocket on the side. And several other pockets on the inside. One of her friends liked it so much, that she asked me to make a purple one for her.